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The vision of the Lower Outaouais Family Health Team is to be responsive to community needs. In order to offer high quality complementary health care, our skilled health care providers, called Interdisciplinary Health Professionals (IHPs), see patients referred by any of the family physicians of the Family Health Team. To help patients make positive changes in their lives, our IHPs offer a wide variety of programs and services both in health promotion and disease prevention. They take their patients’ well-being to heart by providing education, tools and support.


The following IHPs work collaboratively with your family physician to provide you with the best primary care:

Nurse Practitioners  |  Registered Nurses  |  Mental Health Counsellors  |  Dietitian  |  Health Promoter  |  Pharmacist




Ruguins André, NP  |  Mylène Leroux, NP   

Our Nurse Practitioners (NP) provides a full range of personalized health care services to individuals and families, while working  in partnership with physicians and other health care professionals like our nurses, mental health counsellors, pharmacist, dietitian and health promoter.


As members of our health care team, they offer a variety of health care services including the ability to:

  • Diagnose and treat illness and/or injuries,

  • Perform physical check-ups,

  • Order and interpret diagnostic tests,

  • Write prescriptions,

  • Provide counselling and education,

  • Provide supportive care through illness,

  • Provide treatments and/or procedures,

  • Make referrals to physicians and other health professionals, and

  • Manage chronic diseases.



Sonia Cloutier RN, BSN, CRE  | Caroline Lahaie RN | Valerie Bellefeuille RN | Karine Berthiaume RN

Our Registered Nurses (RN) provide screening test services (spirometry, ABI (ankle-brachial index), tympanogram, cognitive assessment and nursing services (immunization and ear irrigation). They also educate, empower and advocate for patients. Our RNs are involved in our Respiratory Health Program (COPD ‒ chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma and smoking cessation) as well as the Foot Care Program.


Jacinthe Lamoureux MA CCC | 1 Vacant Position

The Mental Health Counsellors provide assessment and short-term counselling (6-8 sessions) for psychosocial and mental health problems for individuals and their families including children, teenagers, youth, adults and seniors.

Services include strategies to cope with:

  • Depression and/or anxiety

  • Trauma/stress/burnout

  • Couple relationship problems

  • Teen/youth related issues

  • Work related problems

  • Self-esteem difficulties

  • School related problems

  • Loss/grief/bereavement


Julie Ladouceur RD

Our Registered Dietitian is uniquely trained to offer individual medical nutrition counselling to help manage diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and many other health issues. The dietitian offers science-based diet and nutrition information as well as practical solutions for healthy eating, weight loss and preventing various chronic conditions. 



Matthew Simpson R.Kin

Our Health Promoter focuses on keeping people well and preventing disease from occurring by providing education and counselling programs that promote physical activity, improve nutrition or reduce the use of tobacco. Our Health Promoter helps empower people to make healthy lifestyle choices, be proactive for their health and to become better self managers.



Mina Mikhail, RPh

Our Pharmacist works in collaboration with your family doctor, other members of the health care team and your local community pharmacists to ensure the most appropriate use of medications. Our pharmacist’s goal is to help ensure that you are using your medications safely and effectively.



Caroline Lahaie RN | Karine Berthiaume RN

Our Registered Nurses (RN) have received certification to provide foot care and the following services to a specific clientele of patients who are unable to carry out their own foot care. Priority is given to patients with diabetes or circulatory problems, as well as patients over 70 not accepted by the Hawkesbury & District General Hospital foot care clinic.

Services include:

  • regular foot care

  • toenail trimming

  • treatment of bunions

  • calluses and funguses

  • assessment and treatment of infections



Patrick Lalonde, PT (FCAMPT)

The physiotherapist is certified to assess, treat and prevent musculoskeletal and neurological injuries using a variety of treatment modalities. The aim is to provide short-term outpatient services for our patients aged 19-64 years (not covered by OHIP), which are not on the Ontario Works program or the Ontario Program Disability Support (ODSP). 



The administrative personnel are members of the team who provide office support and technical assistance to the health care providers called Interdisciplinary Health Professionals (IHPs), to the physicians who refer their patients, as well as to the numerous patients referred to our various programs and services.

The following personnel works collaboratively with the IHPs and the physicians to ensure that you receive the best services in primary care:

RECEPTIONISTS - Kasandra Brunet | Marielle Séguin

IT CLERK - Nancy Boundrias



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